Sept 21, 2013, Pratt Tribune —Kansans will vote for a governor and state representatives in the November 2014 general election. Already, a group of people are out campaigning — not for election; they've "been there and done that" — but for an educated electorate.

Traditional Republicans for Common Sense is a group of around 80 Republicans who have served the state as U.S. senators, lieutenant governors, state senators, state representatives and Kansas GOP leaders, with more than 700 years of collective experience.

"We're not pleased with the direction the party and the state are going," said Jim Yonally, Overland Park, a former representative. "We decided to get up out of our rocking chairs and do something about it."

They've been meeting since April 2012 and are working to establish a non-profit organization and a political action committee. They testified on a few bills in the last session of the Kansas Legislature, and plan to do more lobbying and testifying in the next session. A website, www.kscommonsense.com, provides information about the group and its stand on issues, and offers an opportunity for Kansans to donate to further the mission of Traditional Republicans for Common

A primary goal is "looking for good candidates we can support for the House and for governor," according to Fred Kerr of Pratt, who served in the Kansas Senate for 16 years and is a former Senate majority leader.