It's always interesting when someone makes a personal attack on a person they perceive as a threat instead of discussing the issues. Rochelle Chronister is not running for office; although I have done so and won 9 times in my district as both a school board member and legislator.

This election is about Marc Rhoades and the failed policies of the Brownback administration which he has supported.

1. Schools districts per pupil budget in FY 2009 was $4400 per pupil and FY 2014 it is $3838 per pupil, and that's counting retirement funds that weren't counted in 2009. The $129 million that the courts required the legislature to add to school finance was mostly internal shuffling of present funding - only $39 million of actual new dollars were added with much of that coming from programs for at-risk kids. Kansas schools are suffering from the reckless tax plan that has reduced revenue by an unexpected $300+ million in the last two months and not enough revenue was generated to even pay back over 20.000 taxpayers who have refunds due. The state is issuing internal borrowing of $675 million for the next fiscal year and may still go broke before year's end.

2. Property taxes and sales taxes are going up in order to support local entities that have had state support in the past. Poll after poll show that Kansans hate property taxes more then any other form of taxation, but the legislature has reduced funding for so many areas that school boards, cities and county officials have been forced to increase these taxes which also fall harder on the middle class then the wealthy. In Harvey county between 2010 and 2013 tax years county government has raised taxes by over 30%, school districts have raised taxes over 10%.